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Front axle differential for RHD 4Matic


  • the body is much larger and more voluminous

  • 180 mm wheel compared to 160 mm with the same gear ratio

  • different dimensions - 45 to 62

  • + reinforced shaft for this differential

  • CNC-milled from aircraft aluminum

  • Made by GAD-Motors.

Watch our presentation video in German+English for more information on YouTube

Front axle differential for RHD 4Matic


netto price (without VAT)

12 980 euro

how to order parts

  • fill in a special form on this website

  • write us in chat

  • write an email 

our terms and conditions

As all of our spare parts are custom-made and high-precision devices, some of them can only be manufactured by us on a prepayment basis. Therefore you cannot return them or cancel your order during production and receive your prepayment back. In case of faulty assembly or manufacturing defects, the part will be replaced. We cannot tell you exactly our production time, as part of the work is carried out by third parties. You cannot return the part if you cannot install it or if you realise you have made a wrong choice. Only in case of a defect on our part (prior to installation of the part), we will make a replacement or refund your money. During operation, we do not accept any complaints, as we cannot verify that our parts have been installed correctly. We do not provide a guarantee for the engine. Installation and operation is your responsibility and that of your mechanics. All of our parts that we sell have been tested for over 3000km on our vehicles. We will be happy to advise you on installation. Do not hesitate to ask us, we will always help. We have the right to refuse you to buy our parts without giving any reason. 

We offer a guarantee: This means that you can report a fault within one year, provided the part has not been installed. We will replace it or refund your money. If the part is resold, we are not responsible for the warranty. 

how to pay 

Once we have received your enquiry and the details of your order, we will send you an offer. This will include our account details so that you can make a bank transfer. Once we have received the money, we will start production. Or if the part is already in stock, we can send it to you straight away. You will receive a tracking number for the parcel. 

You can also pay for your order via PayPal or collect the part yourself and pay in cash. 

You can use apps to transfer money to our account like or

You can take help from our partners in the country where you are located. They will help you more quickly with payment and delivery to the location, as well as installing it. They may have some parts in stock. A list of our partners is available on our website here. 

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