V class Project

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STORY of the Project

History of the GAD-minivan


A year and a half ago we needed a car for 7 people for a private trip in Germany. We rented a Mercedes V-Class and drove almost all day. The car was wonderful, and comfortable to drive; but unfortunately it didn’t have much power. Whilst in the car, the idea of upgrading it came to mind, so we immediately started thinking about engineering difficulties and a plan for the build. We later ordered a car to get started!

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Daminger Nadia

This show-car is exclusive and takes up a lot of our working time, so we have limited the production of this project to customers - we will only produce ten cars a year.

We will be happy to answer your questions about the timing and prices.

Customer support

To-do list

how to replace a diesel engine with a gasoline in the V-class