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V class Project

We are excited to announce that we have successfully passed the tests in Germany and received TÜV certification for this amazing project. We understand that many of you have been waiting for this information to decide to purchase this tuning. Now it is possible to drive absolutely legally with a V63 tuning from GAD-Motors. We offer to modify your car and get the necessary documents done. Booking 2023 is open now for project GAD V63.

STORY of the Project

History of the GAD-minivan


A year and a half ago we needed a car for 7 people for a private trip in Germany. We rented a Mercedes V-Class and drove almost all day. The car was wonderful, and comfortable to drive; but unfortunately it didn’t have much power. Whilst in the car, the idea of upgrading it came to mind, so we immediately started thinking about engineering difficulties and a plan for the build. We later ordered a car to get started!

2021-10-15 18.26.22.jpeg
Daminger Nadia

This show-car is exclusive and takes up a lot of our working time, so we have limited the production of this project to customers - we will only produce ten cars a year.

We will be happy to answer your questions about the timing and prices.

Customer support


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