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We know that the 4-liter twin-turbo under the hood of this car is capable of great things, but Mercedes left it at 510 horsepower, which is a shame. Still, it's one of the most influential models in the segment, tied for power with the Alfa Romeo, and that's enough for some.

Brabus offers a variety of power packs here, but GAD-Motors came seemingly out of nowhere with a fantastic 950 horsepower project. Save for the wing added over the trunk, you wouldn't know it's different, which means this sleeper might sail past you on the autobahn.

Because of their chunky proportions, SUVs aren't built for high speed. Their top-heaviness also makes them a little unstable, but the 950 horsepower German-tuned bruiser sales past traffic on the autobahn, exceeding 300 km/h. That might not sound like much until you try to max out your family crossover and see what that's like.

Since this is a passion project from the owner of the company, we couldn't find much about the monster GLC other than a drag race and some hand-outs to various YouTubers.

But a forum post did reveal extracting that much power out of the 4-liter (about 237 HP per liter) was not as easy as remapping it. The V8 was torn down and fitted with new turbos, ported heads, a high-pressure fuel system, new intercoolers, a racing downpipe, and stiffened gearbox.

Even though the video says it will do 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, there's a race mode where it will dip below 3s. It will also go faster than 300 km/h, but you can see the driver is fighting the steering wheel quite hard. Stop paying attention, and this looks like it could kill you.

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